Quaxtel is a member of Qsip Network that is a SIP-based audio-video calling network, which creates added value for at least one of the parties of the call and relies on a value-added model. And before explaining the pricing method and model, it is necessary to explain the terms used in this platform

1- Quantum Numbers:

In the Quantum Talk Network, each network member has a unique 12-digit number that can make a call, and price its incoming calls. The pricing can be per second, per minute, per hour, or per call. These numbers are unique, and each network member can create their own unique contact number. We call these contact numbers quantum numbers.

2- Quantum calls:

Quantum calls are value-based calls for which members can price incoming calls and make money by answering their calls. Telephone counselors, telephone translators, and online instructors can advise or train clients and earn money by that.

3- Wallet:

Each quantum number has its own wallet, and members must have a certain amount of money (Fiat or Cryptocurrency) in their wallet to contact other members within the network. On the other hand, the revenue from quantum calls to the wallet of the translator, consultant and instructor will be deposited.

4- "Participation in Profit" model

In this model, no membership or subscription fees are charged for users and members of the platform. Instead, members make money with the facilities and guidance of the platform and share the profits. The income model or revenue stream in Quaxtel is based on "participation in profit" model. This means that revenue is earned when we create added value for one of the network users. The way it works is that clients first register a Quantum Number in their name, so they are the owner of Quantum Number, then they will be able to price the time that they devote to online activity for their clients. When the call ends, Qsip platform calculates profits and shares it with the ratio of 70% for users and 30% for the Quaxtel. More specifically, the platform withdraws the desired amount from the clients' account (clients' wallet) and deposits 70% of the members' share into their wallets. Thus, in this pricing method, we do not receive monthly and annual subscriptions fee from members, and only if the members make money by using our platform, we take a share of the revenue as a platform fee and deposit the rest in their wallets.